We call GenZ, GenX and GenY to unite and call for a future human world based on responsibility and responsible complexity-management and sustainable implementation of infrastructure and operations. Placeholder name is Earth Union / XYZ-World or World until official name was voted by you and other active Generations. For Leadership we promote Greta and for mediatory systems UNIT.

The producer of this domain request GenZ to take over control peacefully by August 2021. We gain no profit from release and promotion of this domain. Any external source is either not operated by producers or equally lacking economic representation.

This is World.XYZ:

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This was World.XYZ.

We do not accept any human legal system which is not operating explicitly goal-directed to improve living conditions and play for life on earth. If they do not comply to that as their primary agenda and strategic priority we do not care. No other constitution then a water-proof child-save trauma-free inter-dependency declaration of humanity with nature is a valid basis for future systems design and deployment. Someone said.

GenZ mafia, anonymous and should be producers and operator of this domain. Send requests to them whether they are now, and if, why the content is only this yet and if not why this content was not enough to motivate you to ask them whether they are operating and producing this yet.

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Update your project, if you cannot use telegram send mail. We would like to link to your page if you want to support World XYZ.

Prototyping for Future Protocolization since Past Join the World XYZ Public Telegram Group to Work for World Architects of Generations for World.XYZ # FUTURE WE BUILD Submit your Project or build contact for improvement Universal Help? Against Viral stuff Go watch a movie or whatever. This is bad. This was either bad or whatnot. You are here.

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